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Contemplative Outreach Birmingham

An Inter-denominational Christian Meditative Prayer Community Offering Weekly Meetings Across Alabama, Introduction to Centering Prayer Workshops and 3-Day, 4-Day and 8-Day Intensive Retreats

March 17, 2018
26th Annual  United Day of Prayer

A creative vision releases an enormous amount of energy
and can transform society beyond our wildest dreams.
Divine empowerment is present.
... The power of the stars is nothing compared to the energy
of a person whose will has been freed from the false-self system
and who is thus enabled to co-create the cosmos together
with God. God’s top priority is the creation of a world
in which the goods of the earth are equitably distributed,
where no one is forgotten or left out,
and where no one can rest until everyone has enough to eat,
the oppressed have been liberated, and justice and peace
are the norm among the nations and religions of the world.
Until then, even the joy of transforming union is incomplete.
The commitment to the spiritual journey is not a commitment to pure joy,
but to taking responsibility for the whole human family,
its needs and destiny. We are not our own; we belong to everyone else.

- Thomas Keating, The Mystery of Christ

United in Prayer Day
Dedicated to Healing Violence
March 17, 2018 -
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"To get out of the cycle of violence we employ a counter motion that checks aggression and replaces unconscious reaction with discerned response.  In between the impulse and response is poise and endless possibilities.  ... When our way of life is renunciation then, it’s natural to renounce violence.  Renouncing is a poised, but an active way of living.  We pause and then lean into the right and good, rather than react from our default defenses."
- Mary Margaret Funk, Renouncing Violence

CONTEMPLATIVE RETREAT with Father Meninger no. III - Click Here to Read More
APRIL 13-15, 2018
 Gray Center
Registration began in
January 2018

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